The Happiness cafe

A brightly fresh foodconcept in the city centre of Eindhoven. Spotless vitrines full of dangling RAW treats and fruity yoghurt dreams allow you to go nuts in this heaven of guilty-pleasures. Served in a modern atmosphere with superfood ingredients to top it off with, this healthy foodbar is a must-see in our city! But the colourfull selfmade snacks are hard to resist! So be prepared!


The Corner

This cosy little pancake-bar happens to be an attractive venue for international peops enjoying their daily coffee while experiencing the dynamic surrounded street-life. With a variety of pancakes, coffees and sandwiches you are on the right spot for your daily dose of treats and cafeine. Combined with the original interior this experience will be a ´one-to-remember´.


Onder de Leidingstraat

This raw, modern and vivid nourishing foodbar is located in the creative heart of our city: Strijp S. This charismatic area is interlaced with enchanting restaurants and interesting foodconcepts in the stage of industrial design and art. Besides the handmade dishes with mostly local ingredients, you can also visit this place for your organic groceries. Good to know: the menu contains a wide range of gluten-free, vegan and sugarless treats. You go for it!


Meneer de Boer 

A warm and friendly welcome is something you can always expect from this soothing place! A living room with all kinds of people enjoying their coffees and fulfilling breakfasts. But not only in the morning; in this place you can order breakfast all day! It’s the only coffee bar which opens at 7.00, so you don’t have to rush it before work. Take your time, experience the ambience, catch your moment and nicely prepare yourself for a bright day!



A modern and stylish coffee venue in the city centre of Eindhoven. Not only you’ll find here your perfect cappuccino, they also happen to manifest their own coffee. Sitting in this open space a diversity of people will cross your table; design students, creative entrepreneurs and literature junkies. If you need some inspiration, grab a coffee, tune in to this creative frequency and enjoy the ride!


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